A Voice for Animals


Since I was a child I have felt happy when I am around animals. They offer us so much in such a variety of ways and many become our great companions. At the same time my joy is tempered by a deep sadness at the treatment they  frequently suffer and the cruelty and abuse inflicted on them.

Observing their behaviour shows us that they experience a wide range of emotions. They feel fear, pain and suffering as well as pleasure  and have complex social interactions

Animals do not have a voice. We are their only means of acting on their behalf and giving them that voice. Over the years I have become increasingly active in campaigning for their welfare. I am now trained as an Animal Reiki practitioner helping animals who are in distress through various kinds of trauma.

I want this site to celebrate my own interaction with animals and my different experiences with them and for it to be a small contribution to adding to awareness of their welfare and giving them a voice.